With good morning. How does the week dawn? Here I leave you everything you need to know today.

We start with the 1×10 machinery check day that the forces of Chavismo carried out yesterday throughout the country. President Nicolás Maduro appeared on TV and networks from a meeting with the Venezuela Nuestra Campaign Command and said that The thing produced record figures.

“The 1×10 is not just a list, social networks are not worth it, we have a higher number than the last elections, we are going ahead.”

But the main news was the announcement of a new dimension of the PSUV's electoral strategy: Now we talk about 1x10x7. Where is this? I explain to you:

In addition to the fact that each militant will have control of 10 people who must ensure that they will go to vote on June 28, now the electoral mobilization will be based on the integration of "the political, social and cultural forces of the country."

Aha, and why 7? Maduro said that things are organized in “the seven forces of the country, seven forces with which we will celebrate Commander Chávez's 70th birthday on July 28.” These forces are the following and for each one there is someone responsible for the political direction:

  1. PSUV: Team coordinated by Diosdado Cabello and Pedro Infante.
  2. CLAP social strength: coordinated by M/G Carlos Leal Tellería.
  3. Fighters of sovereignty and peace: coordinated by Francisco Ameliach.
  4. Communal councils, communes and social movements: coordinated by Héctor Rodríguez, Ángel Prado and Jorge Arreaza.
  5. Great Simón Bolívar Patriotic Pole: coordinated by Ricardo Sánchez, Vanessa Montero and Gabriela Jiménez.
  6. Indigenous and aboriginal movements of Venezuela: coordinated by Clara Vidal.
  7. Missions, large missions and mission bases: coordinated by Mervin Maldonado, Génesis Garvett, Dheliz Álvarez, Magaly Viña and Rosinés Chávez.

Fly with violence

Maduro also warned that The opposition is not campaigning but organizing “a great guarimba” for when she is defeated on July 28. And he said that this time she won't tolerate any of that:

“Guarimba and violence, never again. Anyone who commits hate crimes, defamation... can't help it. "Hate crimes or violence will not be tolerated, neither against civilians nor against the military."

In addition, he denounced that Leopoldo López, Julio Borges, Antonio Ledezma and María Corina Machado have “a group of hitmen” in the country who are looking for him to harm him. He said that that is why his tours around the country are a surprise, without announcing the place or time in advance.

Faced with bans on networks, the truth in the streets

“Keep banning Maduro, I, together with the people, the media, the walls and the Bemba radio, will go door to door, house to house.”

This is what Maduro said when referring to the employee who has reported that social media companies have him, who seek to censor his messages and his campaign. And not only did he say that, but he grabbed the newspaper Últimas Noticias and commented and recommended the article UN Data, signed by this server, which contains the results of our digital survey from last week, which dealt with precisely that topic.


I invite you to read the article recommended by the President here. In our survey we found that 81,2% of the participants believe that social networks ban, that is, censor, for political reasons. There is more data with interactive graphs. Take a look and Tell me your opinion for X.

New national sport

What happened on Saturday is also news. Maduro attended the First National Validate of Motopiruetas in the parking lot of the Poliedro de Caracas and There he declared motorcycle pirouettes as a national sport. “We have to end the repression and discrimination against motorcycle riders,” said the President. He also said that in the Poliedro parking lot there will be a track dedicated to this sport.

Mimou Vargas, president of the Movement for Peace and Life, said that they submitted a project to the National Assembly to pass the law that would convert this activity into a national sport.

Did you feel it?

Last night Funvisis reported that there was a “felt earthquake”, as they call it, of magnitude with an epicenter 39 kilometers northwest of La Fría, Táchira state.

Brawl in the Sambil

I'll tell you what happened yesterday at the Sambil de la Candelaria, since it was a trend on social networks. A group of activists from the LGBTI+ community held a protest in the shopping center to demand that they be respected, since the day before some security guards there attacked (stopping them and removing them) a couple of boys who were holding hands in the place. Well, the demonstration, as usually happens, seems to have bothered some people and started an argument. In the middle of it, a guy put his hand in the face of one of the activists and it set off. Here is a video of the moment in question:

Exchange rate

The Central Bank of Venezuela reported that the exchange tables on Friday showed an average of 36,47 bolivars per dollar. Remember that this is the only rate valid for any transaction today.


The extreme right scares Europe

The international news that is on everyone's lips is the result of the elections for the European Parliament. Yesterday's results scared everyone, although it was something that had been seen coming for a long time. Far-right parties obtained an important vote, especially in France and Germany. In the first, Marien Lepen's party won and in the second, Alternative for Germany came second behind the conservatives. However, in the European Parliament as a whole, those who came out on top They were those of the European People's Party (right-wing “less ultra”), which is the party of the current president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen. They will have to establish alliances towards the center with the “pro-European” parties since one of the fears that the ultra-right will prevail is that it tends to be Eurosceptic, that is, they are ultra-nationalist and reject the European Union.

The French results caused Emmanuel Macron will call early parliamentary elections, with the hope that it will also be possible to coordinate an alliance that will contain the ultras.

Zionist violence

I'll tell you the latest from the genocidal Zionist State. On Saturday they carried out a “special operation” in the city of Nuseirat, in central Gaza, to rescue some hostages. Well, they certainly took some people, but with almost 300 people killed, among them also hostages, according to reports. In addition, there were more than 800 injured.

The Minister of War of the Zionist State He submitted his resignation citing differences with Netanyahu.

“Netanyahu is preventing us from moving towards true victory.”

UN Data Survey

Before you go: I invite you to participate in our new survey. This week we want to survey people's intention to vote in the presidential election on July 28. Fill out the form that you will find through this link and answer all the questions. It will only take you 1 minute to respond, at most.

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