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Venezuela has exported 3.000 tons of green coffee

Soteldo reported that there are more than nine million nurseries

The Minister of Agricultural Production and Lands, Wilmar Castro Soteldo, reported that Venezuela has exported 3.072.700 kilos of green coffee so far in 2024.

During his Cultivando Patria program, he also assured that to strengthen primary coffee production, 356 roasting plants have been registered nationwide. In addition, the total number of gourmet coffee brands stands at 416.

“We have 9.462.998 plants in nurseries and we have trained 3.788 coffee teachers in 12 states of the country,” Soteldo stressed, during his visit to the Café Anzoátegui facilities.

“At this moment, Oriente coffee already has a place (for sale), because Café Anzoátegui is already working on exporting its products to different markets (around the world). They distribute coffee from 100 grams to a kilo of beans, which is what is usually used for the cafeteria,” said Soteldo, whose challenge is to elevate the Eastern Agri-Food Special Economic Zone in all its potential.

Cafe Anzoategui

The company has an installed production capacity of 1.200.000 kilos of coffee.

“Our operating capacity is 290.000 kilos per month and, at this moment, we are close to 180.000 kilos. However, we have to take Café Anzoátegui to its maximum capacity,” explained the company's general director, Abelardo Trías Chacón.

Likewise, he indicated that they have a variety of coffee beans from the state of Mérida. “Santa Cruz de Mora, Antonio Pinto Salinas municipality, is the great washed coffee town. We also bring coffee from Portuguesa, Lara and eastern Venezuela.”

In addition, they distribute a decaffeinated product, which is beneficial for health.

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