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Venezuela and Iran review strategic industrial cooperation

Caracas and Tehran have maintained fruitful cooperation in political and economic sectors since 2005.

Delegations from Venezuela and the Islamic Republic of Iran held a working session to address issues and bilateral agreements on industrial matters.

The sectoral vice president of Economy and Minister of Popular Power of Industries and National Production, José Félix Rivas Alvarado, and the Iranian ambassador in Caracas, Hojjatolah Soltani, led the meeting.

Rivas Alvarado reaffirmed that Caracas and Tehran maintain solid relations based on fruitful cooperation at the level of governments and economic sectors. For this reason, a work agenda is developed that aims at productive diversification, technological exchange and transfer, personnel training and strategic import substitution, says a press release from the Mppipn.

Cooperation between both nations has an important work agenda in various productive sectors since 2005. Representatives of the company “Sociedad Anónima Iranian de Manufacture des Automobiles” (SAIPA, by its acronym in French) also participated in the meeting.

In the coming weeks, it was agreed to establish a working table to monitor, control and support the cooperation agenda.

In this sense, the economic vice president recalled that in Venezuela there are great opportunities to consolidate and improve cooperation, especially in the area of ​​public transport vehicles, cargo and family vehicles.

SAIPA, a company founded in 1966, is the second largest automobile manufacturer in the Persian country. In recent years it has established alliances to assemble cars from European and Asian brands with a significant share in the world market.

The vice minister of Intermediate and Light Industries, Karla Fermín Jiménez, and the president of the Socialist Corporation of the Automotive Sector (Corsoauto), Mileidy Bastidas, also participated in the meeting.

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