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Venezuela highlights recovery of its economy at Alba-TCP meeting

Foreign Minister Yván Gil highlighted that Venezuela's economic recovery allows it to strengthen its investment capacity in the region with initiatives such as PetroCaribe. The Alba-TCP meeting addressed the creation of the alliance's Cooperation Agency, which will address development projects in Latin America and the Caribbean

The Chancellor of the Republic, Yván Gil, reported this Wednesday that Venezuela highlighted the recovery of its economy and its oil industry, at a meeting of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America-People's Trade Treaty (Alba-TCP) for the creation of the Comprehensive Cooperation agency of the block of countries.

This was made known by Gil through his account on the social network X, in which he noted that this recovery allows the country to strengthen its investment capacity in the region with initiatives such as PetroCaribe.

“During the meeting of the @ALBATCP Development Cooperation Agency, we highlighted the progress of #Venezuela in the recovery of its economy and its oil industry, which allows us to strengthen our investment capacity in the region with initiatives such as PetroCaribe” , says the chancellor's message verbatim.

During his speech at the meeting, Gil mentioned that the alliance has been hit by unilateral coercive measures.

"We know that the impact on Petrocaribe is quite large, however, Venezuela has been making a recovery plan for its oil industry, its production capacity, its export capacity, and that will contribute at some point to recovering our capacity." of investment in the region for economic and social development.”

“We have experience of what an integration model is, of real union, and that gives us an advantage to present ourselves on the new world stage that we have.”

Likewise, the Venezuelan foreign minister referred to the creation of the Alba Comprehensive Cooperation agency, and said that the decisions taken during the last summit of the group of nations made it possible to design a Plan and an agenda towards the year 2030, “in order to achieve that agenda, one of the fundamental pillars of this Cooperation agency.”

Alba-TCP Comprehensive Cooperation Agency

During his participation in this meeting, the Sectoral Vice President of Planning, Ricardo Menéndez, asserted that this Comprehensive Cooperation agency will address development projects of the nations of Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as the strengthening of integration between the countries.

“What are the material and financial bases of integration, what are the attacks of climate change, exacerbated in the case of hurricanes; what are our early warning systems; our information systems, for example, in the event of tsunami events; What is the infrastructure and what is the logistics capacity from an integration point of view,” Menéndez stated.

The Minister of Planning also pointed out that "integration is generated on equipment, on infrastructure, on logistical capacity, logistics for development, if these processes do not exist, integration is simply greetings to the flag of the point of view." political but they do not occur from a practical and concrete point of view.”

He also highlighted that the agenda of hope and future towards 2030 allows us to go on the offensive "times of historical offensive are coming, we come from the times we had of resistance, in which we had to endure the attacks of the aggressions that have occurred in different ways on each of our countries.”

Projects at different scales

For his part, the secretary of Alba-TCP, Jorge Arreaza, assured that this agency “must have an inventory, a bank of projects of different scales,” while highlighting the proposal to generate an Alba instance that manages risks. and Natural Disasters “must rely on the resources that this cooperation agency can collect.”

Likewise, the president of Banco del Alba, Raúl Li Causi, determined that this body will have responsibility for the operational scope, as well as expressing that "the bank must offer legal assistance, administrative supervision and auditing of the funds managed by the agency."

The agency will execute projects in production, gas, renewable energy, maritime and air transportation to strengthen the integration and development of the nations that make up this alliance.

This meeting, called the Cooperation for Life Meeting, was held at La Casona Cultural, where, in addition to discussing the creation of the Alba-TCP Comprehensive Cooperation agency, the concrete progress of the XXIII was reviewed. Summit of Heads of State and Government of the ALBA-TCP.

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