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Petroboscán reactivates electricity generating turbine in Zulia

The reactivation of the turbine has the purpose of increasing electrical reliability in the crude oil production processes of the Boscán Field

A turbine of the Bajo Grande Thermoelectric Plant, in the state Zulia, was reactivated by Pdvsa Petroboscán, SA, thus guaranteeing the reliability and successful development of the hydrocarbon production processes and the distribution of cargo to ships.

According to a press release from PDVSA, the management carried out by Petroboscán, an entity attached to the Corporación Venezolana del Petróleo, SA, (CVP), aims to “increase electrical reliability in the crude oil production processes of the Boscán Field.”

“Due to a failure in said electricity-generating turbine, it was transferred to the workshop located in the city of Berlin, Germany, where it remained for eight months undergoing repair work and was later returned to the plant at the end of the year. last month,” explained the thermoelectric plant supervisor, Lino Nava.

He added that after a period of installation and testing of the machine, highlighting the efforts of the multidisciplinary team of the Superintendency of Electrical Services, the complete reactivation of the system was achieved, “which currently provides the necessary load to be distributed to the oil field.”

By reactivating this electricity-generating turbine, the scope of electrical energy independence required by operations is obtained.

“This extraordinary victory has been achieved thanks to the capacity and commitment that the working force of the Joint Enterprise has had to sustain the 'Safe Barrels', which are added to the production metrics outlined by the Minister of Popular Power of Petroleum and President of PDVSA, Pedro Rafael Tellechea, following the guidelines for productive and energy growth directed by the first national president, Nicolás Maduro Moros,” says Pdvsa.


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