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PDVSA brings lubricants to fishermen in western Venezuela

The state oil company will distribute PDVSA VASSA and PDV products

The Venezuelan state oil company (PDVSA) held a day this Saturday for the distribution of lubricants that will benefit fishermen in the west of the country.

This was reported by PDVSA in its count of, detailing that "we have deployed a day in the west of the country for the direct attention of fishermen and the community in general, through different distribution points." The oil company will deliver PDVSA VASSA and PDV lubricants.

Last Thursday, President Nicolás Maduro recognized the work done by the workers to achieve an increase in production in the west of the country. He also recalled that PDVSA reached the goal of one million barrels, with excellent quality crude oil that meets the parameters of US refineries.

“Investors should know that Venezuela is the place of opportunity, with guarantees and energy security for the international market. Venezuela is the land of promises and opportunities,” Maduro highlighted.

This Friday, the Minister of Petroleum, Pedro Rafael Tellechea, highlighted that the 90 thousand workers in the Industry have the maximum potential in Venezuela.

“There is no stronger workforce than PDVSA workers. Today I ask you to help me, I am the newest worker in the Industry, but I am the first to fight for the well-being of the workers and I try to be the example of the oil worker," he mentioned in a presentation of recognitions from the headquarters of the industry in Caracas, cited by a Press release.

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