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More than 90 companies will participate in Expo Fedeindustria

3.000.000 dollars have been negotiated since the first edition

More than 90 Venezuelan companies will participate in the second edition of Expo Fedeindustria 2024, which will be held on May 23, 24 and 25 in the Plaza Real room of the Eurobuilding Hotel in Caracas, as reported by the president of this union body Orlando Camacho.

“There are going to be areas that have to do with the chemical, petrochemical, oil, food, footwear, automotive, motorcycle, construction technology, tourism, pharmacy, textile, finance, packaging and also metal and steel sectors,” Camacho said.

He assured that as in the first edition of this Expo held in 2023, the idea is that companies can do business.

For those who want to be part of this experience, Camacho invited them to access their social media accounts that will take them directly to the website.

“There, appointments are made for the business roundtable, which is completely free, and we will arrange the counterparts so that you can do business,” invited the union leader.


In this sense, he recalled that last year, at the closing of the business event, business intentions had reached one million dollars, however, so far this reached 3 million dollars already realized.

“That is to say, that intention was surpassed. Not only was it with Bariven, the CVG with its supervised companies also participated, who were present, they have been joining in,” Camacho explained.

The union leader said that the footwear sector is also added to this through Plan Z, which makes footwear for the Venezuelan population, with labor, machinery and national production.

“And we hope that other national plans will also come out that are incorporated into this purchase and sale that act as a business round of what is manufactured, what is made in Venezuela,” he said.

Camacho explained that the industrial union can also support the development of other plans that are being promoted by the Executive such as the Bricomiles, as well as contribute to hospitals, schools, through the footwear and textile sectors.

It is for this reason that it is important for companies to continue joining and actively participating in this event. “We are going to be the vehicle at Fedeindustria, but the participants, speakers, exhibitors and visitors are the ones who really make an Expo successful.” 

That is why he assured that for this edition they could have “an interesting amount” in terms of closing business intentions. However, he clarified that it will be for 2025, in the third edition of this event, in which they will reveal how much the amount actually materialized in business closures is.

For this reason, he clarified that, although the first amounts seem quite modest, they respond to a reality of the country, in which the economy had shrunk 9 times, but that gradually with the modest growth it has had this phenomenon has been reversing.

This is evident, he said, in the recovery of some stores or when you see different brands of a single product on supermarket shelves, the same as in the footwear and textile sector.

“But there is a pending issue in the construction sector, which has to do with private construction, with housing, with new shopping centers. There are many car offers, but not everyone has a new car. There are many people who can access a motorcycle, but not everyone has a new motorcycle. Or transport vehicles,” she noted.


In this sense, he recalled that the sanctions illegally imposed by Washington have placed Venezuela with limited growth.

“If we didn't have the sanctions, we could return to what Venezuela was and more, because we have already learned in those years to do different things, to innovate, to fend for ourselves, to give it value,” he asserted.

The deputy to the National Assembly also called on the United States government to lift these coercive measures that are affecting the entire Venezuelan population, a reality from which businessmen do not escape.

"I wish that we had Swift, that in Venezuela we could pay for Swift, because we would save important financial costs that would make the costs and prices of the product to the consumer more economical, that we could compare it with the prices in Colombia, that the food would reach the prices of Colombia that the hotels will reach the prices of Colombia, that the credit cards will arrive as they are used by the Colombian system or cars or motorcycles," he exemplified.

That is why he called on Venezuelans to raise their voices against these measures so that the United States government understands that Venezuela needs to be free in its economy.


As in the last edition, the meeting will also serve to exchange training experiences, so on the 23rd and 24th, in the Safiro room of the aforementioned hotel, keynote presentations will be held.

Attendees will be able to learn about investment, digital marketing, innovation, artificial intelligence, how to participate in oil-related businesses and the advances in this matter.

They will also dedicate a space to financial alternatives through the stock market and the use of different technological tools to promote brands "and make companies sell more."

“Today it is essential to focus on sales. Our sales as our own financing mechanism. Every time we sell more, we finance ourselves with our property profits and we support the Venezuelan financial system, which is in continuous improvement,” Camacho emphasized.

In this sense, he announced that one of the speakers will be Panza Uguzzoni, an architect who is part of a generation that manufactures shoes and who has a store located in the CCCT.

He will also be accompanied by the president of a hotel company of great importance in the country, "because it has to do with ecology, with areas of Los Roques and Margarita."

Another of the speakers will be a vice president of Toyota of Venezuela, a professor from the Andrés Bello Catholic University, as well as other personalities related to innovation and technology, as well as some representatives of government entities.

“99% of the great speakers are from the private sector. We are going to have speakers from the public sector, but we are concentrating on the private sector so that they are visible, so that they see them, so that they know the community that makes life in Fedeindustrias,” stated the businessman.

More members

In this sense, he assured that this business federation has been growing, adding among its members businessmen from other sectors that go beyond the industrial part.

“It has also grown in the digital commerce, petrochemical, and commerce sector. “It has affiliates in the stock market, the finance sector, and also the insurance sector,” he added.

One of the objectives of the Expo, he stated, is to show Fedeindustria as a Federation of Venezuelan Business Chambers that includes all sectors of the economy and throughout the national territory.

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