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Maduro proclaimed from the CVG that the bad times are behind us

"Professionals from basic companies have allowed the blockade to be broken to replace productive processes as well as parts and spare parts that the empire denied to Venezuela," highlighted the Head of State.

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, highlighted this Friday the importance of activating the capacity for scientific and technological knowledge and the experience that professionals from basic companies have because it is what has allowed breaking the blockade "to replace productive processes, as well as as parts, pieces and spare parts that imperialism tried to deny to the Venezuelan industry,” he urged.

Maduro recognized the dedicated work of the working class to work “the miracle of recovery, with their own efforts” at CVG Cabelum. Currently, the company is advancing an expansion project that includes two new extrusion lines for the manufacture of aluminum cables.

“We were able - with work and effort - to overcome the worst of the economic war and imperial aggression, we learned to do a lot with nothing and with clear thinking, correct and relevant public actions, with the union of the working class and the business community, we have "We have left the bad time behind and what is coming is better," he emphasized.

CVG CABELUM promotes national aluminum production

Thanks to the efforts of the working class gathered in the Productive Council of Workers (CPTT) of the Venezuelan Corporation of Guayana (CVG), the national production of aluminum is promoted through the company Conductores de Aluminio del Caroní (Cabelum), located in Ciudad Bolívar, Bolívar state, reports Presidential Press.

Satisfying the national and international market is one of the objectives that seeks to consolidate Cabelum as one of the most important socialist companies in the region in the transformation of aluminum for electrical purposes.

In this sense, Richard Romero, Production Manager of CVG Cabelum, highlights the participation of the workers of the socialist company who, with commitment, have recovered production levels.

Likewise, he specified that Cabelum's operational capacity is more than 20.000 tons per year, "an important figure that we have managed to achieve due to the commitment of the workers who permanently intervene in the production processes."

The working class plays an important role in the technological vanguard, adapting company spaces through inventiveness, which has allowed progress in the manufacture of spare parts to increase production.

“We have local hands that have worked on the reconstruction and technological adaptation of the melting furnace to guarantee high quality conductors and in this way satisfy the needs of the market, in addition to replacing imports in this sector,” Romero noted.

Through meticulous work plans, Cabelum has important technological advances within the aluminum transformation process in order to guarantee the supply of cables in the national territory, as part of the Import Substitution Plan promoted by the Bolivarian Government.

Cabelum, through the organized working class, has managed to be at the forefront of socialist companies, promoting a business management model that consolidates the real economy based on the production of conductors and wire rod for electrical uses.

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