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Maduro released 16.236 financing for women, young people and entrepreneurs

The president indicated that the allocation of these resources seeks to stimulate the social economy. Through a television show, Maduro reopened a Comprehensive Diagnostic Center in Propatria

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, released this Saturday 16 new financing for women, young people and entrepreneurs.

During the reopening ceremony of the “Caracas” construction panel factory, in La Yaguara, The Head of State explained that of the total credits delivered, 8 are from “Crejadoven”; 905 thousand 5 from Credimujer; and 745 from Emprender Banco de Venezuela Digital.

In this sense, he assured that the allocation of these resources seeks to stimulate “very strongly” the social economy that works in supply, textiles, shoes, food, delivery, among others.

For her part, the Vice President of the Republic, Delcy Rodríguez, indicated that so far this year the State bank has provided more than 400 thousand social financing, while, in contrast, in the same period private financial institutions have barely provided delivered 5 thousand credits of this type.

“There is an effort on the part of the Venezuelan State to boost productive activity through entrepreneurs, women, and young people. “Every Venezuelan is focused on adding to economic development,” she emphasized.

CDI Bolívar-Martí

Likewise, the Head of State reopened, through a television screening, the Bolívar y Martí Comprehensive Diagnostic Center in Propatria, to benefit the inhabitants of the Sucre parish of Caracas.

The Bolívar-Martí Comprehensive Diagnostic Center (CDI) was completely rehabilitated by the Military Community Brigades for Education and Health (Bricomiles) to guarantee medical care to its inhabitants.

From the medical center, Dr. Morela Camacho explained that this CDI was fully equipped and has a life support room, to care for patients with low and mild medical complexity who require primary care.

The CDI has supplies and medications, a hospitalization room for six patients, nebulization equipment, a treatment room with a minor surgery team and a highly trained medical and nursing staff.

The head of state concluded the television contact by saying that the objective is to strengthen the National Public Health System, with the improvement of these medical centers and the construction of new ones.

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