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Maduro: investment in the coffee sector is giving results

The Head of State indicated that winning producers of the III International Coffee Meeting will receive financial and technical support

“A new economic model in which the producer receives support and is not hindered by the State is what we must build,” said President Nicolás Maduro, this Friday at the III International Coffee Meeting.

In the activity, the president announced the award for Venezuelan Specialty Coffee, - in which the state of Trujillo was the winner - whose first three places will receive technical and financial support.

The Head of State, after touring the stands arranged in the 3000 thousand square meters of the Simón Bolívar Park in La Carlota, provided figures regarding the sector that has become one of the most sought-after worldwide.

He indicated that the first sector in the country that “gave signs of growth, wonder, brilliance, brand diversification and productive expansion was the Venezuelan coffee sector,” recalling that there were those who in 2022 were skeptical about the growth.

“What counts is reality, and what coffee has done is consolidate its growth, brand diversification and quality,” said the national leader.

Maduro, who pointed out that the exhibition is already famous in the world of Venezuelan gourmet coffee, referred to the numerous coffee tasters at the event.

On this occasion, specialists from Colombia, Mexico, Italy, France and Guatemala met.

2024 is worth the investment that has increased production

When detailing production, the Head of State pointed out that “in 2022 there was a crop area of ​​212 hectares, and just over 861 quintals were produced, with a yield per hectare of 3 quintals, while In 600 the figure increased to 17 thousand hectares and 2023 million 226 thousand quintals.”

In this way, he indicated, a yield of 18 quintals per hectare was achieved.

Regarding the current year (2024), he said that the figure of 237 thousand 879 hectares and 4 million 757 thousand quintals has been achieved.

Such figures show that "from a quantitative point of view, growth, investment, is giving results (...) and what is better, the more coffee grows, the better coffee is being produced today," said the First President.

The best coffee is from Los Andes

Another of the data revealed during the development of the event is that the Andes is where the best coffee is being produced and where the largest production arises, in this sense, the first places in the awards were occupied by the Andean states.

For the president, what is most striking is that the majority of the producers are young, which is why he has faith in youth.

Castro Soteldo: Coffee with three profiles

At the event, the Minister for Productive Agriculture and Lands, Wilmar Castro Soteldo, reported that Venezuelan coffee “has three profiles” that are among the best in the world.

He added that “we are going to a stage, in an agreement that we are about to finalize, to a certification process for the regions,” just as “Colombia did with its coffees,” he explained, pointing out that the “regions have very specific qualities.”

New State with a diversified economy that accompanies the producer

Maduro also stressed that it is necessary to achieve a State with a diversified economy that accompanies the producer and does not hinder them.

He called for building a State that is connected to the new nascent economy, and is a promoter and facilitator of economic activity, which is why it deserves to be “protector of the natural processes of emergence of productive forces in all areas of society.” diversified economy that is consolidating.”

He specified that it would be about a new State that accompanies the producer, makes his life easier, and "not that imposes procedures, papers, bureaucracy", adding that behind such situations arises "the manager, the corrupt, the bandit."

“We must make a new State transparent, efficient, modern, at the service of the people and not the other way around,” he emphasized.

He added that whoever is in charge of the institutions has to serve and not be served.

Winners: Trujillo and Mérida

The Head of State read the winners of the Coffee contest held at the III International Coffee Meeting.

The gold cup was won with 90 points by producer Alejandro José Torres. San Antonio Estate. Trujillo State.

The silver cup was obtained by producer Endry Sarmiento, with 88,04. Manonicho Estate. Trujillo State.

The bronze cup was obtained with 88,05 by José Luis Mora Andrade from Finca La Palmera, Mérida state.

Finally, he announced that those who won will have financial and technical support, as well as those who lost coffee plantations during the landslide, mainly in Santa Cruz de Mora, Mérida.

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