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Maduro: Venezuela's economy is going to be the surprise in Latin America

The Head of State assured that the country's new economic model has achieved the growth of the real economy, the distribution of wealth and slowing inflation

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, assured this Friday that just as China is the wonder of the world as a superpower, Venezuela, economically, is going to be the wonder of Latin America in the years to come."

This was stated when greeting the participants of the International Economic Development Seminar, which takes place at the Teresa Carreño Theater, in a telephone contact with the Executive Vice President, Delcy Rodríguez.

In this sense, he stated that with the application of the new economic model, the figures in food production are notable. “That thing about empty shelves is over forever, with national production,” he stated.

Likewise, he said that “a sustainable exchange system has been built, no longer dependent on the oil jet.”

He highlighted that this year the country has recorded the lowest inflation figure in 20 years, thanks to the growth of the real economy, especially the non-oil economy; with distribution of wealth, with investment in housing, education, health, workers' income and improved pensions.

Regarding the economic model that is emerging in the country, the Head of State said that it seeks to guarantee social rights, produce wealth that benefits human beings, society, and social rights, as contemplated by the Constitution.

For the president, if we can create “a humanist, alternative, organic, ecological economy, at the service of the people.”

The president, who recalled that the Venezuelan people have gone through a severe economic war, assured "we have already taken the path of growth of a new model."

“They wanted to crush us, erase us from the map so that the empires could divide up Venezuela, and they could not, nor will they be able to.”

In this regard, Maduro recognized the help that the holding of the first anti-neoliberal alternative economic thought seminars in the country meant at that time.

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