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La Guaira seeks to do business in Africa and Asia

Our ambassadors in Kazakhstan and South Africa learned about the coastal potential

Investment potentials in the Guaira region were presented by the sole authority of the La Guaira SEZ, Marcos Meléndez, to the diplomatic representation of Venezuela in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and South Africa.

Diplomats Rosalba Lo Bue Antico and Carlos Feo met with Meléndez, who explained the benefits that La Guaira offers, in order to be multiplying agents of these proposals in these republics.

The objective is to establish commercial alliances to promote economic and tourism development between La Guaira and these countries.

Meléndez pointed out that they have everything prepared so that the diplomatic representatives can take the potential of the ZEE La Guaira and make them known in those nations “and thus promote all the work that is being developed and establish possible twinning agreements.”

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