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Venezuela's entry into the Brics+ doubles the block's energy reserves

Delcy Rodríguez indicated that Venezuela is giving a geopolitical message against dollar dictatorships and unilateral coercive measures

The Vice President of the Republic, Delcy Rodríguez, referred to the impact, from an energy point of view, that Venezuela's full entry into the Brics plus group would have, during her participation in the International Economic Development Seminar 2024: Economic Transformation in the New Global Context, held this Thursday at the Teresa Carreño Theater.

In this sense, he said that once Venezuela is part of that group of countries, the bloc would double its energy reserves and these would reach 35%.

He highlighted that the largest energy reserves on the planet are in Venezuela, where there are also large gas reserves, “we are about to certify the fourth reserve in the world. “The eighth largest iron ore reserve in the world, the sixth largest diamond reserve, the fourth largest gold reserve, and important coal reserves.”

For this reason, he pointed out, "today they intend to validate a fraud and a crime to take Guayana Esequiba from Venezuela, due to its immense energy riches."

Rodríguez described the Brics plus as a block of global geopolitical and economic reconfiguration, a new concept to conceive international relations through cooperation and brotherhood, so that the world seeks a new destiny that allows humanity to preserve itself as a species.

“The change is in the international economic order, in which growth will mean greater demand for energy,” he said, explaining that “that is why we humbly see the importance of Venezuela and the reason for the illegitimate aggression against the country.” .

Irreversible time

“The irreversible time has come for a new international order, for an international economic geopolitical reconfiguration, and the Brics plus are at the forefront,” he assured.

Rodríguez referred to the economic growth of China, one of the founding countries of the BRICS, a country whose currency, the yuan, surpassed the dollar in its use for commercial transactions.

The vice president commented that China's economic achievement is not reported by transnational media companies, "and hence the desperation of the global North, which seeks to create conflicts, violence, death and unrest."

He explained that to create this scenario, the Global North makes use of social media algorithms. “It has been proven, what algorithms instill in society is hopelessness, death, violence, war, negative messages against humanity.”

“The people are agreeing to open a new path,” he said, expressing “Venezuela will be giving a geopolitical message in the new world, against the dictatorship of the dollar, against the dictatorship of unilateral coercive measures.”

positive balance

Rodríguez stated that the country is proud of the positive balance despite its exclusion from the international financial system and "in the midst of such a crude, inhuman and illegitimate blockade."

He described as praiseworthy and extraordinary the work of the Venezuelan productive forces and economic agents who, under these conditions, promoted the recovery of the economy, and have made it possible for Venezuela to lead the economic growth figures in the region.

“The Venezuelan people are extraordinary and the model we are building gives signals to the world,” he said.

Venezuelan migration

He also referred to the use that Venezuelan migration was given to attack Venezuela. “It was the wild card for the intervention. “They took human talent from the oil industry, public services, health and electricity.”

“They coordinated with agencies that took our migrants to other countries,” he said, pointing out that Venezuelans abroad were mistreated and that is why the Great Mission Return to the Homeland.

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