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Guaranteed sugar supply for the remainder of the year

Fesoca indicated that there will be no need to import the important item

The president of the National Federation of Associations of Cane farmers of Venezuela (Fesoca), José Ricardo Álvarez Yépez, announced that this month closes with more than 90% of the 2023-2024 harvest scheduled for 4.200.000 tonnes, a level that allows us to cover the needs of the market throughout the year.

The leader explained that it is a successful harvest, which, together with the work of the national sugar mills, guarantees the supply of the product for the
The rest of the year.

In this sense, he said that "after the inventory achieved in the 2023-2024 harvest, it confirms that imports of refined sugar are not necessary."

Álvarez Yépez highlighted the role of the sector as a dynamizer of the economy by stating that when there is a commitment to national sugar production, “the sector contributes with the substitution of imports and foreign currency savings,” and emphasized that this “generates greater income.” taxes and allows the generation of direct and indirect jobs throughout the year, thanks to work.”

He recalled that the sugar sector is a very well integrated chain between cane growers, sugar mills and workers, key to generating employment and financing field work for the next cycle.

Álvarez encouraged “betting on national production, a growing sector committed to our economy.”

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