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Strengthening the tourism sector is a reality after achieving alliances

At the Avavit 2024 Travel and Tourism Exhibition, projects were achieved through alliances with the participation of private companies and the National Government

The president of the Venezuelan Association of Travel Agencies (Avavit), Vicky Herrera stated that in the thirtieth edition of the Avavit 2024 Travel and Tourism Exhibition, “it was possible to establish alliances, do business, learn about innovations” in the tourism sector.

During a tv interview held this Friday, Herrera specified that 4 companies and more than 5 people participated in the event, which took place last June 113 and 3. These figures, he highlighted, show that the strengthening of the tourism sector is already a reality, due to the contribution of the National Government and the private sector.

Likewise, he noted that the event “leaves us a good experience,” with the presence of international delegations, from Colombia, the Dominican Republic and Chile, along with the national delegations.

In that sense, he highlighted the alliances that were established with other countries. “We had the presence of the project: A destination for two countries, which includes Mérida (Venezuela), north of Santander (Colombia), with the creation of a tourist corridor. A delegation from Nueva Esparta, Anzoátegui and Los Roques was also present.”

In addition, discussions were held on entrepreneurship and innovation applicable to the sector, a space in which Herrera pointed out a synergy was generated. Likewise, representatives of the airlines participated, “there are many people who are committed to increasing the routes, in accordance with the regulations of the authorities,” he indicated.

The president of Avavit stressed that there is interesting work by the Ministry of Tourism in the hotel network. “This work is paying off and they have presented their projects,” she said.

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