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29 investments established in La Guaira through the ZEE

One of them is the Terrazas Vip Sports Complex in Macuto, inaugurated this Friday with mixed capital: private and regional government

Some 29 investments have been established in La Guaira, within the framework of the activation of the Special Economic Zone of La Guaira, especially in the area of ​​tourism and recreation, announced Governor José Alejandro Terán during the inauguration of the Terrazas Vip Sports Complex ( Macuto), which is a mixed initiative between private capital and the regional government.

“La Guaira has created conditions with the SEZ that stimulate confidence for private entrepreneurs to make investments with full guarantee,” said Terán.

The regional leader explained that an economic system has been created, where economic freedom exists and the state only regulates, guides and protects workers. “The coexistence of the private company, the state and the organized people is possible. This trilogy will be the basis for achieving development,” he indicated.

Terán considers that the ZEE is an economic development initiative, within the framework of a post-rentier economy.

The sports complex has a batting center; paddle tennis courts, which are the first to be built in La Guaira, 4 sand courts for beach tennis or sand volleyball, and areas for physical activity and bite practices; soda fountain, restroom, restaurants and jacuzzi overlooking the state.

He assured that this work, like others, is managed with criteria of social responsibility, where there are special plans so that the entire town "can be guaranteed routes and enjoy the facilities for free."

He reported that a percentage of what this operation produces is destined to contribute to health. He indicated that from what the Ferris Wheel attraction produces, 11 medical equipment has been received and recently 2 portable X-ray equipment was donated for two CDIs.

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