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Businessmen and Government of Yaracuy form the State Council of Economy

Businessmen and government institutions join forces to reactivate the regional productive apparatus

Businessmen from different areas and representatives of the revolutionary Government in Yaracuy grouped together in an alliance called the State Council of Economy, which has already held its first exploratory meeting, to evaluate the situation in the region and design the necessary policies with a view to reactivating the economic apparatus of the entity.

This was reported this Tuesday by the Secretary General of the Government of Yaracuy, Juan Torrealba, who highlighted that the purpose of the initiative is to join forces between the state business community and the Government in the search for strategies that help promote industry and commerce in the 14 municipalities of Yaracuy.

He added that the state council will be replicated with similar structures in each jurisdiction, with municipal economic councils, in which mayors and local businesses will participate.

The entity will allow coordination between the different economic sectors and provide social well-being to the people. Likewise, it will take into account small, medium and large entrepreneurs and industries at all levels.

“We are starting joint work with a first meeting that we held to establish the constitutive principles of the State Economic Council and the future approach in the municipalities with all the actors in the productive area in the region,” said the official.

He highlighted that the first major task to be carried out will be the establishment of a comprehensive diagnosis of the situation that the productive sector is going through, which includes the review of the commercial activities of the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors of the economy in the state.

“Within the framework of the 7Ts, we are taking action to help the private sector with its work to achieve the highest levels of well-being for all. We are going to work together for the economic development of Yaracuy and we will do so under two premises: recognition and respect,” Torrealba stated.

Among the specific aspects that the State Council of Economy will address immediately, the formation of the chambers of commerce in the municipalities of Urachiche, Páez, Sucre and Cocorote stands out, where there is currently no representation of the organization.

Private entrepreneurs willing to work

For his part, the president of Fedecámaras Yaracuy, Héctor Bastida, expressed that “we businessmen are waiting to consolidate an entity that brings together all the living forces of the economy and generates updated exchanges of information to continue betting on the development of our state. ”.

Likewise, he indicated that the plan is to work together with the revolutionary Government in the search for effective and correct policies to address the most critical nodes that hinder the healthy development of the regional economy.

Bastida noted that business representatives will ensure that the new State Economic Council is a perennial body and functions as an entity that unites the public and private sectors, and contributes to effectively reactivate production and job creation. “It will be consultative and proactive in nature and we are going to make it work,” he stressed.

 “We celebrate this initiative of the Government to promote this approach and worry about finding effective alternatives to recover the economy. And despite the differences we may have, the beauty is that nothing is imposed, everyone knows what they can contribute,” he pointed out.

Finally, he mentioned that the body must address various issues, among which the payment of taxes stood out, the responsibility of which falls on the State to collect and on which businessmen prepare a series of proposals to improve conditions.

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