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Korean entrepreneurs seek to invest in the country

They were interested in importing Venezuelan aquaculture products

At the fourth meeting of the SOI Global Dialogue (Sustainable Ocean Initiative), which was held in Seoul, Korea, businessmen from that country showed interest in importing our aquaculture products, for which a meeting is planned that will also allow exports to be promoted. .

At this meeting, where Asian and Venezuelan businessmen and the vice president of the Fisheries Commission for the Western Central Atlantic, Ronny Leiva, and also vice minister of Primary Fisheries and Aquaculture Production of the Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture, were present, the Agreement on the Biodiversity beyond National Jurisdiction Areas.

It seeks to strengthen regional cooperation that allows improving the capabilities of developing countries through agreements in the fishing and aquaculture sector.

The countries of Asia bring together the world's largest importers and consumers of fishery and aquaculture protein.

During the meeting, representatives of Venezuela met with Vice Minister Song Myeong-dal, of the Korean Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, and the director general of the Korean National Health Service, Yang Young-Jin.

In the bilateral meeting, Vice Minister Song expressed interest in developing agreements of mutual interest in the fishing and aquaculture sector.

The parties proposed a roadmap to follow with the aim of increasing the export of fishing and aquaculture products from Venezuela to Korea, and the exchange of experiences regarding the blue economy, marine biodiversity, sustainable fishing and aquaculture, among others.

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