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Argentine businessmen bet on Venezuela

They are developing investments in agriculture, oil, fintech and services

Argentine businessmen continue to invest in Venezuela, especially in areas that have to do with agricultural development and oil, as reported by the president of the Association of Argentine Producers in Venezuela, Oscar Laborde.

“We are bringing Argentine investors in the countryside, in oil, in fintech, in services. Of course, he is moving strong because we understand that opportunities arise in Venezuela that must be taken advantage of,” explained the former Argentine ambassador to Venezuela.

He asserted that said Association is working more towards the field of production and not commerce, which has been affected by tensions with the current Argentine Government.

“There is risk in any country. What we see is that with this government, economic stability has been achieved that allows us to foresee that what is invested here could have a future and the possibilities that exist are very attractive," said the businessman.

He explained that in terms of agroproduction, there are already 50.000 hectares that Argentine producers are planting and they aim to continue growing in the number of hectares, as well as creating a service company in the sector.

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