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Entrepreneurs were awarded Made in Venezuela Awards

Every year they recognize the work of the most outstanding local entrepreneurs in the country and their contribution to the national economy.

During the II National Congress for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the Ministry of National Commerce presented the Made in Venezuela 2023 Awards to 25 emblematic entrepreneurs of the country.

The awards ceremony took place in the Bolívar Park of the Generalísimo Francisco de Miranda Air Base, located in the state of Miranda.

The purpose of the annual Made in Venezuela Awards gala is to recognize the work of the most outstanding local entrepreneurs in the country, reported the Ministry of National Commerce in its web portal.

The awards constitute a symbol of gratitude for the effort and contribution to the nation's economy that the nominees give through their work.

The Vice Minister of Purchasing Policies and National Content, Carmen González, representing the head of the National Commerce portfolio, Luis Antonio Villegas, participated in the delivery that corresponded to 2023, last Friday, May 17.

The agenda of this II National Congress for Innovation and Entrepreneurship contemplated the installation of 200 Brand stands, as well as conferences, presentations, recreational and cultural activities, barbecue area, surprises, parade of designers on stage, services, technology, agro-industrial area, entertainment, among others.

Confidence in the prosperous future

In her statements, González stated that she was convinced of the prosperous future that awaits Venezuela.

“What is behind what is happening here is an absolute conviction that we have the conditions to move forward, we have love in what we are doing; We have the infinite capacity to generate art and produce. As well as to accompany organizational processes. We have nothing left but to thank you for your insistence, and we remain committed and convinced that the path is to continue alongside you, generating all possible conditions,” he expressed.

For his part, the national coordinator of the Entrepreneur Movement and Secretary of Entrepreneurship of the state of Miranda, Ricardo Moreno, who also attended the event, highlighted that “these 'Made in Venezuela Awards' are a commitment to national production, and we have to be proud of what we do, because behind the hands that make these products there is an effort, a story, and that is what we have to sell.”

Also participating in the event were the Vice Minister of Monitoring and Control of Commerce and Distribution, Hendrick Perdomo; the general director of the Decentralized Service for Standardization, Quality, Metrology and Technical Regulations (Sencamer), Peggy Silva; the coordinator of Trademarks and Other Distinctive Signs of the Autonomous Service of Intellectual Property (SAPI), Angie Amaro; the coordinator of the Miranda Entrepreneurs Movement, Yeferson Rodríguez; among other authorities and representatives of the entrepreneurial sector of the national territory.

Made in Venezuela Awards: showcase of entrepreneurs

The different editions of “Made in Venezuela Awards” bring together more than 300 entrepreneurs, are developed in connection with the second National Congress of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the Bolivarian Government of Miranda and have the participation of Caracas Emprende and the Entrepreneurs Movement.

On the same day, the Mirandino entrepreneurs also received their recognition, who won the Made in Miranda 2023 Awards.

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