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Daniella Cabello: “Country Brand is not only tourism, it is investment promotion”

The best thing about Venezuela is its people. stated the president of Marca País

“Brand Country is not only tourism, it is investment promotion,” said Daniella Cabello, president of Brand Country, in the third chapter of the Venezuela Mujer Podcast, broadcast from PDVSA La Estancia.

Cabello indicated that "from our export portfolio, from our culture and identity as Venezuelans, and for me it is a pride to show from my space the beauty of who we really are."

In this order, he highlighted that "The best thing about Venezuela is its people, because every day young people join more in entrepreneurship, culture and training," and that because of this, he constantly supports these young people and women in the country, he noted. Press release.

“I thank President Nicolás Maduro for giving me this responsibility of Country Brand, but I am also part of the Great Young Venezuela Mission, and I have a small piece of responsibility in one of the cornerstones of culture, recreation and rumba, where we have been working. "Every day we meet young people who want to undertake, continue training and grow in Venezuela," added Cabello.

Cabello also highlighted that, despite all the attack that the country has received and the communication siege, there are still people working daily to demonstrate the good and beautiful things about Venezuelans.

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