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Banco Bicentenario launches business plan in Nueva Esparta

The institution also delivered points of sale to entrepreneurs

In the context of the 2024 Strategic Plan, which is developed in different regions of the country, Banco Bicentenario del Pueblo (BBDP) continues to promote the “Grow with Us” business plan, this time from the spaces of the Venetur Margarita Hotel, Nueva Esparta state. , to promote the goals set in commercial and financial matters, while contributing to the consolidation of this region as a Special Economic Zone (ZEE), boosting the export and marketing of products in this entity.

As part of this event, a business conference was held aimed at businessmen in the region, to define strategies that support financial relationships with the largest traders in the island entity. In this space, representatives of this sector shared their experiences, and raised new business proposals to strengthen the region's economy, says a press release from the institution.

The person in charge of the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) of the eastern entity, Samir Al Attrach, who showed his satisfaction with the results, expressed: “We deeply believe in this process of change that is being consolidated in the state of Nueva Esparta and the rest of Venezuela".

For his part, Arnaldo Moros, from the Isla Pixel advertising agency, thanked the Bank for its presence in the entity, “you believe in the potential of Nueva Esparta. Count on us as responsible payers who will give you a return on what you invest. Let's grow together. "There are almost 12 years of business history in which we have worked in this region with so much economic and tourism potential."

Banking day

At the same time, a bankization day was held, which included the delivery of Points of Sale (POS) to entrepreneurs in the region, who are looking for efficient payment methods.

Natasha Rodríguez, one of the beneficiaries, stated: “With Banco Bicentenario I received unique attention with which I was able to open my account immediately, and after a quick paperwork, here I am receiving my point of sale,” meanwhile, Daniela Rodríguez said that “Thanks to Banco Bicentenario I now have a new payment method to offer my clients.”

Island agencies are trained in Digital Innovation and Commercial Relations

As part of this work day, a meeting was held with the 11 commercial agencies of the eastern entity, to train 90 workers through the “Grow with Us” business plan. During the event, they learned about the digital news of products and services, and the socio-productive approach policies were redefined, to consolidate new commercial relationships with small and medium-sized companies in the state.

Account opening and POS delivery in Guuau Venezuela

Likewise, the Banco Bicentenario del Pueblo (BBDP) offered personalized attention to the general public in the Guuao Marketplace, located in the Sambil Margarita, a dynamic that included personalized financial advice, account opening, delivery of Debit Cards (TDD), unlocking of Online Banking, in addition to collection of collections and delivery of Points of Sale (POS).

In this sense, merchant David Jiménez thanked the facilities offered by the BBDP: “I have wanted a Banco Bicentenario account for a long time. Seeing them at Sambil offering account opening was extremely opportune to solve that need.”

The BBDP is deployed throughout the Venezuelan territory, supporting the people with the business plan, to contribute to the economic growth of the country, in accordance with the guidelines issued by the National Executive.

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