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Latin America must de-dollarize its economy

Ernesto Samper urged the creation of a new anti-globalization financial architecture

The former secretary general of the Union of South American Nations (Unasur), Ernesto Samper, urged the need to build a new integration model, far from the model that resulted from the Washington consensus, since it does not allow having “a common navigation chart.” ”.

“We have to learn to add value to what we have. We cannot continue living in extractive economies, selling what we have above or below the ground. We sell meat, cereals, fruit, coffee, gas, oil, lithium, but we are not adding anything of value to what we sell," he explained during his participation in the forum "The Challenges of Integration in Latin America and the Caribbean." organized by the Latin American and Caribbean Economic System (Sela), at the organization's headquarters in Caracas.

In this sense, Samper indicated that Latin America must prioritize a new financial architecture, as a macroeconomic policy, "to defend ourselves from this globalization process" that goes hand in hand with the dollarization of economies.

The former Colombian president also assured that a new governance system must be born in the world.

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