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Robinson Cabrera reached a hundred hits in the LMBP

The Zuliano is the second Caciques hitter to reach 100 hits in the summer circuit

The Zulian gardener of Caciques de Distrito, Robinson Cabrera, was from the previous one of the hitters to follow at this start of the campaign, not only because of the mark he left in his first two forays into the Major League of Professional Baseball (LMBP) with the district team, but because he was bordering on history within your organization.

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And, with the first of his two hits on Sunday in Caciques' 17-7 victory over the current champions Marineros de Carabobo, the native of Ciudad Ojeda became the second member of the team to reach 100 hits in life in the Major League, joining Gersel Pitre; who did the same last season.

“Grateful to God for giving me this joy of being able to reach 100 hits,” Cabrera told the Caciques Press Department. “(He had) a little bit of pressure, that's why he was so anxious, but thank God hits came out.”

“It's something wonderful for me, I mentioned it yesterday (Sunday) to the boys,” highlighted the patrolman, focused on what will be the collective performance of the team.

A dozen batters have more than 100 hits

However, there are already 11 players who have reached the triple digit in uncogibles, since on Sunday Omar Carrizales with Samanes de Aragua and Carlos Durán with Marineros de Carabobo also went up to that floor. They also join:

  • Alberto González, Senators
  • Josmar Cordero, Warriors*
  • Yojhan Quevedo, Mariners*
  • Anthony Jiménez, Senators
  • Edgar Durán, Mariners
  • Yonathan Mendoza, Samanes
  • Carlos Arroyo, Senators

*They are no longer with the team
(They all reached 100 hits last year)

Now, “The Android”; As Robinson Cabrera is known within Caciques, he was able to be productive on Sunday in his team's knockout against the current champions by driving and scoring two lines, which gives him a start of .333 (9-3) in his first two games of the Bell.

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