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Reyes and Wilfredo Tovar stand out in Mexico

This pair of Venezuelans combine for an average of .374 with Rieleros de Aguascalientes

Batting in Rieleros de Aguascalientes has a Venezuelan flavor. And Ángel Reyes and Wilfredo Tovar placeholder image they are not only the líderis the team's batting, but they are within the Top-10 of the average department in the Mexican Baseball League (LMB).

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In the case of Reyes, the Barcelonan has the fifth best on the circuit (.376), he is also eighth in OBP (.461), fourth in Slugging (.659) and third in OPS (1.120), only behind Leonys Martín ( 1.147; Querétaro) and Art Charles (1.466; Yucatán) in the League.

Likewise, he leads his teammates in home runs (12), is tied for the second most hits (38) and is colíder in extra bases (25).

Additionally, he registers the best home run frequency (14.42 turns per hit) and that combines it with an excellent walk rate of 13.7% and strikeouts of 17.6%, which makes him a very complete slugger, since he has selectivity and that is very valuable for a hitter of his profile, who also has a BABIP of .417.

Wilfredo Tovar has shown his consistency

In his wake, appears Wilfredo Tovar who hits .374 -seventh in the League-. Meanwhile, he leads Rieleros in hits (74; 4th overall) and is third in doubles (11), just behind Ángel Reyes (13) and the Dominican Andretty Cordero (15).

It must be said about Wilfredo Tovar that, despite not having great power (6 HRs and 18 ICs), he has shown the consistency at the plate that he has been forging for recent campaigns in the LVBP. In fact, he currently has a strikeout rate of 6.2% in Mexico, which places him as just one of four hitters below 7%.

He is second on his team; and behind his compatriot, in OBP and OPS (.446 and .966) and although he is not a virtuous exponent of power, he retains a good Slugging of .520, this is influenced by the fact that he can take the ball to the alleys and add extra bases. For his part, both have 40 runs scored.

However, the hitting of both Venezuelans has been vital to keep Rieleros fighting for the postseason. They currently have a .500 record (25-25) and are in sixth place in the North Zone; right on the border to play ball for decisive phases in the Aztec summer circus.

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