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Power of Senators makes history in the Major League

The Senate became the first LMBP team with a hundred home runs

Senators of Caracas have benefited in many ways from their label as the first two-time champions of the Major League of Professional Baseball (LMBP) and have even honored the nickname that characterizes them, “The Senate”; knowing themselves as that illustrious body that powerfully defends the interests of the good baseball they play.

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However, with a home run by Pedro Martínez in the 8-7 victory over Caciques de Distrito last Saturday at the UCV Park, the capital team became the first to reach 100 home runs collectively, thus registering for always his name in the history of the still young summer circuit.

Now, when we talk about Senators, we will talk about the team that has been able to agglomerate so much power in its different rosters, that together and throughout that short history of the League they have been able to achieve this mark that should fill everyone with satisfaction. the partial and followers of the club, well as they say: there is nothing like being the first.

The story began with Cristhian Pedroza, who connected the first blow in the history of the League against the missing Lanceros de La Guaira and before Jorgan Cavanerio's deliveries in the fifth episode of the game that opened the curtain of the circuit three years ago in Macuto.

Since then, the different Senators rosters have combined for 14 homers in 2021, 26 in 2022, 36 in 2023 and 24 so far this season.

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