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Mets hold Luisángel Acuña in high regard

The Mets' Venezuelan prospect is attracting attention at Triple-A Syracuse and aims to be adjusting for the highest level

The Venezuelan prospect of the New York Mets, Luisángel Acuña, attracts special attention within the organization not only because of the raw talent that he is, but because of what he can represent for the club in the future.

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Now, the infielder and younger brother of Ronald Acuña Jr. is in his first season in Triple-A; the level prior to the Major Leagues, and during his stay with the Syracuse team, he has done nothing but show flashes of his talent with everything and that he has had ups and downs on offense.

In his last 20 games Luisángel Acuña is batting .337, with an OBP of .387, Slugging of .477 and OPS of .864 with seven extra-base hits, 15 RBIs, six stolen bases and a reasonable strikeout rate of 14.9%. While, in 76 games throughout the year with Syracuse, he averaged .267 (322-for-86) with 12 doubles, one triple, five home runs, 31 RBIs, 60 runs scored, 27 steals and an OPS of .697.

“I think the resilience he showed in the first half of the year, to where he is now, is the best indicator of him being successful going forward,” the Mets vice president of player development said; Andy Green. “If you maintain that resilience, you will recover and make adjustments.”

continues to develop

It should be noted that Acuña already tried the honeys of the training camps and upon arriving at Triple-A; remember that he came to the Mets from Texas in a trade for Max Scherzerin 2023, he has worked alongside Syracuse hitting coach Collin Hetzler and bench coach JP Arencibia to better manage speed, which has resulted in more hits to the opposite side (left field).

Team officials have been pleased with Acuña's ability, as Green noted, to put himself “in some more repeatable positions” mechanically.

“He's showing some of that ability and he's showing resilience,” Green noted. “I think those are the most encouraging things. You can look at the underlying metrics. You can evaluate it very closely. There are some things that we like and that we analyze. But ultimately, are you resilient? Are you adaptable? If you are both, you have a very good chance of success.”

According to MLB Pipeline, Luisángel Acuña is the Mets' fifth-best prospect and number 93 in all of baseball. His ETA; That is, the estimated time to be called up to the Major Leagues, indicates that he could be promoted at the end of this year given the level that he has shown in the Minor Leagues and that he has already had the opportunity to rub shoulders with top-level stars.

In addition, he has the advantage that his manager is Venezuelan, like the case of Carlos Mendoza, and that could help him a lot in terms of communication and trust.

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