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Líderis from Miranda aims to play in Charallave

The team's general manager announced that they will make a technical visit next week

The general manager of Líderis from Miranda, Juan Colmenárez, did not hide the excitement of starting the fourth season of the Major League of Professional Baseball (LMBP) in order to achieve his long-awaited first championship title.

In the press conference prior to the start of the tournament on May 18, the leader highlighted the club's commitment to reaching the fans of the Miranda state. Colmenárez assured exclusively for Líder in Sports who want to try several venues in the entity and one of these will be Charallave.

“Winning is always the expectation and starting tomorrow we will always look for as many victories as possible, we have a group structured in the best way with a good staff of pitchers,” he expressed.

"We have planned to have this connectivity with the entire Mirandino axis, unlike previous years, to try to reach the 21 municipalities and the possibility of Charallave is on the table and I can tell you that next week we will be making a technical visit to the stadium ”he added.

Colmenárez also highlighted the commitment of all the members of LíderIt is from Miranda to maintain great physical condition that has been reflected in the preseason, so he is confident of adding victories quickly.

“We have seen a lot of competitiveness and enthusiasm in the group of players, they all arrived in very good physical condition and starting tomorrow they will begin to bear fruit from what we have worked for,” he concluded.

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