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Hendrick Clementina: “I'm not chasing the triple crown”

The man from Curacao assured that his only objective is to win the title of LMBP champion

The Curacao player and main figure of the District Caciques, Hendrik Clementina, highlighted the work he has done physically to be able to support the capital's residents to add victories. 

In statements offered for Líder in Sports highlighted that the entire team gives its best effort every day to be able to have good results and fight to be at the top of the table. 

“The team is more united than ever, the last week did not go well for us but thank God we got a streak of two victories. Physically I am fine, I work a lot in the gym and I am eating a specific diet to have the best performance,” he expressed.

Clementina is currently ranked as the possible triple crowner of the Major League of Professional Baseball (LMBP) by having 12 home runs, 31 RBIs and an impressive average of .424. However, he put aside the possibility of seeking this distinction to achieve the title of champion. 

“It is not in my goal and I have never really had it (to win the triple crown), my goal is to be a good teammate and a good líder to win the championship. It is of no use to me to have a goal and the team does not get to where we want to go,” he highlighted. 

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