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Hebert Bayona knows how to move the pieces in Frontinos

The Venezuelan strategist assured that the Tachira team is in gear and playing for the collective

Frontinos del Táchira dominated Broncos de Caracas this Wednesday in an exciting match at the José Joaquín “Papá” Carrillo Gymnasium with a score of 88-80, ending a streak of six straight victories for the wild horses.

Hebert Bayona, coach of the Tachirenses, gave his impressions to Líder in Sports about how he saw the team in the tough duel in the capital.

“Thank God who has been giving us the wisdom and patience so that the boys understand that they must play with a purpose and not play just to play, both in defense and offense (…) We are not a team of stars, but not a humble team either, so we have to know where we are as a team,” he said.

“We have to know how to lead games, know how to withstand the other team's streaks and stay strong in defense, today it was understood and we were able to get the victory by following the game plan perfectly,” he expressed.

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Regarding the adjustments made in the match, Bayona highlighted: “It was discussed in the dressing room, we are not an individual playing team, our margin for error there is minimal and we have to keep executing. In the second half they gave a lesson in patience”

Finally, Bayona assured that Frontinos will continue working for the remainder of the season without raising false expectations.

“Of the last 5 games, 3 have been won and on that we must continue working, respecting, believing and accepting the coach (…) We are starting to dream, but we have to keep our mind and heart doing things for the glory of the team and not for the individual”, concluded the coach.

Frontinos is currently in Group 1 in the SPB table with a record of 5-8 with 18 points in the sixth box.  

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