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Díaz and Tovar stand up for Rockies

In the midst of a difficult campaign for the rockies, the Venezuelan duo maintains good production

The Colorado Rockies are ranked as one of the worst teams in baseball today, losing 40 of their first 61 games this season. However, despite the fact that the outlook looks gray for those led by Bud Black, Elías Díaz and Ezequiel Tovar have stood up for the team and made more than one fan of the club who lives in Denver smile a little.

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And in their last seven days, the Venezuelan duo of the Rockies has an individual average of over .340 points, that is, .368 in the case of the Zuliano mask and .346 for the Maracayero shortstop.

Likewise, both have combined in that period for four doubles, two home runs, four runs batted in and six runs scored in 47 plate appearances.

However, it should be noted that at the beginning of May, Ezequiel Tovar commented that he was trying to stay positive in relation to the moment the team was facing and just over a month after those statements, the Maracayero has shown a consistent offensive, averaging . 292; product of 74 hits in 253 at-bats, with eight homers, 24 RBIs and an OPS of .793 in 60 challenges.

In addition to this, he was the fourth batter with the most hits in May (36) and this month he has not been far behind and has six hits in five games.

Elías Díaz with consistency in growth

But, if we see that Ezequiel has been good, we have to look to Elías Díaz; In his first four games in June he is hitting .438 (16-for-7) with two doubles, a home run and three home runs. His OBP is .471, his Slugging is .750 and his OPS is 1.221, attesting to an offensive explosion that has been growing in his most recent seasons.

All of this, of course, has helped the one born in El Bajo (San Francisco municipality) to present an average of .306 (186-57) in 51 games in this competition, with 20 hits, five homers and 27 home runs. Coincidentally, his average in that number of crashes is very similar to what resulted from his first 51 confrontations in 2023, which tells us about great consistency from one year to now.

That said, both have not only stood out with their offense, but with the glove they have also given the Rockies some good moments. Elías Díaz has one of the fastest reaction times among catchers throwing to the bases (1.90) and has retired 10 of 36 runners who have stolen; That is 28%, seven points higher than the circuit average.

For his part, Ezequiel Tovar has been impeccable in short stops, with four outs above average, 183 assists and 44 double plays, and a barbaric command of his position, which gives him reach and agility when moving around his area. of land coverage.

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