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Clara Fuentes sets record for the Americas

The Venezuelan paraathlete lifted a weight of 116 kilograms that won her the gold medal, in the 50 kg category.

This Friday, Venezuelan Clara Fuentes won the gold medal in the Para Powerlifting World Cup, in addition to setting the Americas record with 116 kilos lifted.

While the silver went to the Chilean Camila Campos with a lift of 115kg, closing the podium with a bronze medal Egypt with Omaima Omar with her best lift of 81kg.

The Venezuelan paraathlete made history in the contest that takes place in Acapulco, Mexico, after lifting a total weight of 319 kilograms, in the 50 kg category. 

Fuentes continues in the fight to obtain his ticket to the Paralympic Games, Paris 2024, Venezuela with a seven-figure paraathlete delegation that is expected to continue growing in the following days.

For Venezuela, paraathletes Wuinawis Hernández will also be competing in the contest in the 55 kg category and José Pérez in the 107 kg category.

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This championship began on May 22 and will run until Sunday the 26th. In the Mexican city, 128 athletes from 18 countries will gather who will be seeking to qualify for Paris. 

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