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Girls from Venezuela prepare for the World Cup finals

The girls' preparation for Thunder Bay is taking place in Caracas

The girls of the Venezuelan Pre-selection They are preparing in Caracas from Thursday for what will be the Women's Baseball World Cup Finals, which will be held in Thunder Bay, Canada, from July 28 to August 3.

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29 athletes attended this first training module in the capital of the Republic, five of them from Anzoátegui, Caracas, Aragua and La Guaira, in addition to six from Lara and three from Yaracuy.

All of them are under the direction of Carlos Torres, accompanied by Mario Paiva, Daniel Méndez and Cindy Anzola, who, together with the delegate Yazeida Pereza, will try to help Venezuela reach the top of the podium in North American territory.

However, Venezuela will debut on July 28 at the Port Arthur Stadium against the United States (10:00AM), then will do the same against Chinese Taipei (29/07, 11:00AM), Japan (30/07, 3:00PM ), Canada (31/07, 7:00PM) and will close their participation in the Final Group against Mexico (01/08, 3:00PM).

Of the group of six countries, four will qualify for the medal round, that is; 3rd and 4th in the match for the bronze and 1st and 2nd for the gold.

These are the attendees of the module in Caracas:

  • Lara: Orianny Hernández (P), Frandelis García (P), Yarkary Molina (C), Migreily Angulo (IF), Victoria Heredia (IF).
  • The Guaira: Yohelis Colina, Marlyn Yéndez (infielders), Judelys García (outfielder), Mayrene Quero and Mariana Natera (pitchers).
  • Caracas: Mary Rodríguez (P), Marbel Díaz (P-OF) and Ruclaireth Tovar (P-IF), Mariana Valdez (C), Astrid Rodríguez (IF).
  • Aragua: Srishna Arciniega (IF-OF), Jarimar Pulido (IF-C), Valentina Linares (1B-IF), Yusneyby Acacio (OF) and Alejandra Morales (P).
  • Anzoategui: Stephany Suarez (catcher) and Sor Brito (IF), María Marcano (pitcher), Gabriela García (IF) and Luzmar Sánchez (OF).
  • Yaracuy: Angélica Ledezma (IF-OF-P), Kimberly Caicedo (IF-P) and Deyalih Pichardo (IF-P).

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