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Bleiquel Colina won a gold medal at the Arnold Sport Festival

The Venezuelan bodybuilder Bleiquel Colina achieved another feat for the national sport, after winning the world title at El Arnold Sport Festival Europe.

This tournament was held from December 10 to 14 in Spain, where Colina stood out in one of the most important tournaments in the discipline.

“I consider it to be one of the most important events I have been to in my entire life, a mega incredible experience; super organized and where I received the affection and support of many Venezuelans who today are residents and nationals of other countries ", highlighted the Venezuelan about his actions in this competition that is considered one of the most important in this sport, created in 1989 by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The Venezuelan beat 14 rivals to achieve the highest honor | Courtesy

Tough rivals

Colina had to face 14 high-level European athletes, being strong rivals, but he was able to overcome the circumstances, ”The participants were in incredible condition; Before leaving, several people had asked me to take a photo, at that moment I thought that perhaps it was because I was Venezuelan, then I understood that perhaps they saw me as strong as I did them, "he commented in a press release.

"I remember in my mind that I could not believe anything that was happening and the other guys who were there told me" Go you are the absolute champion ", remember the moment of the award.

Upcoming challenges

This Venezuelan entered the books of the golden history of Venezuelan sport and is already thinking about 2021 and the achievements to be achieved, “I plan to continue my preparation and evaluate the next events together with my great team, who are my personal trainer Rawy Gonzáles and who Francisco Hernández is the brain of my diet, better known in the Venezuelan and international fitness world as Cejas Trainer; the two of them as well as my family are pillars and a fundamental part of this achievement ”.

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