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Batista: “We have to continue strengthening ideas”

The coach of la Vinotinto He was focused on having a good result for the Copa América 2024

The technical director of the Venezuelan national team, Fernando 'Bocha' Batista, was focused on continuing to encourage all the players on the team to continue on their good path ahead of the 2026 World Cup that will be held in the United States, Mexico and Japan. 

In an interview offered to FIFA, the Argentine assured that it is essential to maintain clear ideas and the spirit of competition necessary to be able to win in each of the remaining matches and thus remain in qualifying positions. 

“I was taught, when I was a soccer player, that until the last day you are active you can learn something. Logically you have to have the desire and the concern, and that belongs to the soccer player. I have no doubt that until the last day one will always learn something,” he expressed. 

“From the coach's side you can always give new things to the soccer player. "I don't know if it's so much about training, because it's one thing to manage a Sub 20, a Sub 17, a reserve, and not a major, but I always like to leave something to the footballer, both from a football perspective and from an extra football perspective," he added. 

Batista also highlighted that it is essential to be able to work on the minds of each of the Venezuelan players to change the approach they show on the field of play and thus be able to add wins. 

“In football terms, many players are abroad, in competitive leagues. Here, what we do think about in the entire coaching staff is that beyond the technical and tactical aspects that we must continue to improve, we must work on the mentality,” he highlighted.

“Before starting the Qualifiers I said that the great rival was Venezuela itself, beyond the other nine teams with which you were going to compete. Because that leads you to think that you don't have to look back, that you have to look forward, work hard emotionally, mentally, in the head of the Venezuelan player, who can do it," he highlighted. 

Finally, the strategist la Vinotinto He spoke about the team's expectations for the 2024 Copa América, where they hope to achieve a historic participation to continue testing their strategies. 

“To have a good Copa América for us would be to continue strengthening ideas as a group and as a team. That is one of the great goals I have as coach of this team. “To continue improving, to have the possibility of having them longer, which is different from a Qualifier,” he emphasized. 

“My hope, dream, and competitiveness is to go as far as possible. Today I do not set a goal, I have to be realistic and not say that my goal is to become champion,” she concluded. 

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