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Altuve in unique list of Venezuelans with Miguel Cabrera

'Astroboy' is, along with 'Tigre Mayor', the only Venezuelans with more than 200 three-hit games in the Major Leagues

Over time, Jose Altuve He has become an emblem for Venezuelan baseball in the Major Leagues, to the point of being one of those who bears the responsibility of carrying the flag of the Venezuelan legion - symbolically - after the retirement of Miguel Cabrera.

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Now, regarding 'Astroboy's' 10th three-hit game of the campaign; During the defeat of the Houston Astros 7-6 against the Toronto Blue Jays, we must not overlook the fact that the waiter of the sidereal team now rests alongside Miguel Cabrera as the only Venezuelans with at least 200 games of three or more hits in his career on the 'Big Show'.

In total, 'Astroboy' has accumulated 203 challenges of this style, which means that he began this season with 193, which, although they already placed him alone in second place, were not seen as such an attractive number - in quotes - to follow. enhancing his legend.

That said, this is the top-5 of the list of Venezuelans with a trio of indisputables:

  • Miguel Cabrera, 252
  • Omar Vizquel, 188
  • Magglio Ordóñez, 177
  • Luis Aparicio, 162

In the same order of ideas, he is the second player in the Astros franchise with the most commitments of that nature and being below, guess? Yes, Craig Biggio (203), who has been the name that José Altuve has been linked to throughout his time in the 'Big Top'.

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