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Alberth Martínez brings out all his power in Mexico

Since his arrival at Bravos de León, the Venezuelan has added five hits, a home run, two RBIs and two runs scored.

Alberth Martínez has only been with his new team in the Mexican Baseball League, the Bravos de León, for a week and he has already shown all his power with the wood. 

The Venezuelan outfielder who arrived from Generales de Durango hit a home run this Thursday although he could not avoid the 11-7 defeat against Diablos Rojos.

The Venezuelan took it out of the park in the ninth inning and hit the ball to the opposite side to drive in Keven Lamas who was on second base. 

With this hit he makes three in total so far in the baseball campaign in Aztec lands, two of them with Durango. In the game, the Venezuelan went 5-for-3, leaving two runs batted in and a run scored. 

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In this way, Martínez Suárez's average is at .455 since he arrived at his new team. Since his arrival at the Bravos, the Venezuelan has five hits and one home run in 13 outings at the plate, according to information from LMB.Com.

Which demonstrates the power with the wood that the Venezuelan gardener has, cataloging it as one of the pieces of power that the Mexican currency has.

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