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Level of the Orinoco River without risk due to overflow in the Delta

Monitoring is carried out daily in Delta Amacuro

The level of the Orinoco River does not represent a risk of overflowing in Delta Amacuro until this Monday, July 8, according to Elisbeth Morales, director of Civil Protection in the entity.

Morales explained that, although in some communities the level of the Orinoco River shows progress, it does not represent a high risk because its current level is below the measurements recorded last year.

The director of Civil Protection reported that several teams from this organization participate in monitoring the different tributaries of the river, without so far there being an abnormality that should be noted.

“Let us remember that every year we are attentive to this natural situation, all teams report daily on the level,” he reiterated.

Work continues on the gate

The governor of Delta Amacuro, Lizeta Hernández, reported on Saturday that work continues in the gate that controls the waters towards the Manamo channel, regarding the flooding of the Orinoco River and the resources that President Nicolás Maduro recently approved.

This system protects about 200 Tucupita people by controlling the flow of the Manamo pipe through hydraulic systems.

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