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Work continues on the dam gate in Tucupita

The approved resources are being invested in the flood protection system in Tucupita

The governor of the Delta Amacuro state, Lizeta Hernández, reported this Tuesday that maintenance work on the water control gate in the Manamo pipe continues in Tucupita.

This structure is part of the containment dike system that protects Tucupita from flooding, where reinforcement work continues after the recent approval of resources by the national government.

According to Governor Lizeta Hernández, a company from Puerto Ordaz is carrying out the work that so far exceeds an investment of more than 20 thousand dollars.

How does the system work?

It is a gate that controls the flow of water in the Manamo pipe, so that the flow does not exceed Tucupita during the winter. It works with hydraulic systems that open or close the flow of water depending on its pressure, which, in turn, varies throughout the year.

The structure complements the flood protection system in addition of the dam, addressed in several stages during the winter period.

It did not receive attention in previous governments

Governor Lizeta Hernández affirmed that prior to the government of President Hugo Chávez these systems did not receive attention. “They forgot about the Delta and no longer did maintenance,” however, she highlighted that a revolution has been invested in these infrastructures that protect some 200 people in Tucupita.

He also regretted that the economic sanctions against the country have delayed this type of work, although he highlighted the political efforts promoted by the national leader.

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