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High school students in Tucupita attended the study opportunities fair

The entity offers a wide range of university study opportunities at six universities

More than 10 educational institutions attended the study opportunities fair in Tucupita with their students this Wednesday, in an event attended by the Minister for University Education, Sandra Oblitas, and Governor Lizeta Hernández.

At the fair, all university options were presented, including academic careers and available study centers. Attendees listened carefully to the offers and some of them claimed to be unaware of these alternatives on Delta soil.

The young Jesús Andrade, soon to graduate from the Néstor Luis Pérez high school in Tucupita, said that prior to attending this fair, he was unaware of the university options in his state.

“I didn't know these careers existed here in Delta Amacuro, I still haven't decided what I'm going to study, but I already have an idea,” he highlighted. 

In Delta Amacuro there are at least six universities, among which are Unefa, the Universidad Territorial Deltaica, Francisco Tamayo, Unes, the University for Health Sciences, Misión Sucre and the agreement with the UBV. 

These universities offer careers such as security, engineering, medicine, tourism, social communication, economics, administration, agri-food and education.

The Minister for University Education, Sandra Oblitas, highlighted that the government of Venezuela has brought education to all corners of the country, unlike other governments, when only large cities had these options for academic improvement. 

He also questioned that despite the difficulties, the new headquarters for Unes and Unefa in Delta Amacuro were delivered.

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