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High-performance athletes served with a day at Delta Amacuro

Some 500 high-performance athletes have received health care in the Delta Amacuro state, as part of a comprehensive plan for the protection of these athletes who compete in different areas, as reported by Luzmelis Valerio, president of the Delta Sports Institute. Indeda.

According to the official, this plan began in 2022, and since then it has served about 500 high-performance athletes each semester, with care in traumatology, physiotherapy, general medicine, laboratory, X-rays and delivery of medicines.

“About 90 athletes are served monthly and this is free and permanent, following a systematic scheme for athletes in competition,” said Valerio.

The high-performance sports disciplines at Delta Amacuro are: football, kenpo, boxing, Olympic wrestling, weightlifting, volleyball and basketball.

Support from President Maduro

Valerio highlighted the monetary support he has received from the national and regional governments.

The monthly investment to carry out this care plan for high-performance athletes amounts to 55.500 Bs, and it is an initiative that has been maintained over time.

"We have begun to see the results of this investment, Delta has athletes who represent and have represented Venezuela in national competitions, we have our most recent participations in disciplines such as boxing and Olympic wrestling."

National Youth Sports Games

The president of Indeda also highlighted that Delta has increased the number of athletes participating in the National Youth Sports Games and disciplines, as a result of the progressive investments that have been carried out.

“This is just beginning, the idea is to continue growing and train a group of athletes who not only represent the Delta, but the country, as we have already been doing,” said Valerio.

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