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Resources are approved to reactivate the Tucupita airport

With the resources, the adaptation of the Airport will continue and then be reactivated

The president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, approved resources for the reactivation of the airport and the rehabilitation of the Tucupita containment dam, reported the governor of Delta Amacuro, Lizeta Hernández.

Hernández explained that after the arrival of President Nicolás Maduro to delta soils, resources were approved to continue with the adaptation of the Tucupita airport and its subsequent reactivation.

The work had already begun, however, the Coronavirus pandemic paralyzed all efforts, including the monetary income that was destined to address the health situation.

The Tucupita airport maintained commercial test flights with the Conviasa airline to the island of Margarita, with a connection to Maiquetía from that entity. They were paralyzed by the pandemic, explained the regional leader.

The Dam a priority in the winter

The containment dam is the infrastructure that protects Tucupita from flooding during the winter, it runs about 100 kilometers in length.

It was rehabilitated during 2023 in a first stage, but now new resources have been approved to complement the work.

Regarding this approval of resources, Governor Lizeta Hernández said that it is the most important investment taking into account the importance of the containment dam against flooding in the Delta.

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