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Venezuela News, the magazine: a commitment to print

Álvaro Suzzarini, its director, states that the idea is to circulate weekly. Its first edition of 40 pages and in full color is already on newsstands

Álvaro Suzzarini Fernández has the responsibility of taking the reins of an initiative that goes against the current: Venezuela News, the magazine, an editorial proposal that wants to emulate the golden age of Venezuelan journalism where the most profound, informative and pedagogical was leafed through the pages of a printed publication.

It is a daring move for this time, but the young 36-year-old journalist warns that they do it because it is a bet by the Venezuela News agency, a group that wants to do journalism on all fronts.

Edition number 1 is already on the streets: 40 pages, full color, glazed paper and content that jumps without complexes from current events to culture, sports, the economy, entrepreneurship and everything that allows the roaming of the times that we live, but having politics as a strong point.

“Printed magazines are linked to transcendental moments in politics and have given high prestige to Venezuelan journalism.”

It is found throughout the country at a cost of 70 bolivars. It is in newsstands and stores in the industry, but it also allows, for a trial period, downloads in PDF format through the website venezuela-news.com.

In the words of Suzzarini, who has worked as a correspondent for media such as HispanTV and Telesur, the magazine is the last link of the brand new medium that has been growing rapidly, and is currently located on the podium of the three most consulted in the country; In addition, he has just started the radio project and is now launching this initiative on paper.

The team is still in formation, but for now the staff includes recognized experts such as those of Jessica Dos Santos in the research area; Tiffanny Cornejo in sports, Rocío Cazal in culture, Pascual Serrano in internationals and the analyzes of Ignacio Ramonet, among others.

“This product is challenging for the Venezuelan market, but we are in that process, building the project as we go, aimed at the most diverse public possible.”
The other challenge, almost titanic, is that they want to have a weekly frequency.

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