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Unearte recognizes the musical contribution of Luis Reyes Lara

The artist was accompanied by authorities from the university and cultural sector in his act

The popular musician Luis Reyes Lara, of Yaracuyan origin, was honored last Wednesday, June 5, with the recognition of “honorary teacher” by the rector authorities of the National Experimental University of the Arts (Unearte).

The artist has an extensive career that stands out for his taste and execution of popular dance rhythms, such as salsa and other Caribbean genres.

Likewise, together with his partner, Meyboll Ribas, he has organized events at the regional and national level for lovers of tropical genres, highlighted the Ministerial Cabinet for Culture of the Yaracuy State in a press release.

The event was held in the “Ana Julia Rojas” room at Unearte, located in Los Jabillos, Caracas.

Among those attending the event were: the Minister of Popular Power for University Education, Sandra Oblitas, the vice-rector of Territorial Development of Unearte Yajaira Salazar, as well as the vice-minister of Art, Image and Space, Mary Pemjean; the vice minister of culture, Karen Millán; the Vice Minister of Audiovisual Culture, Sergio Arria; the head of Red de Arte, Aracelis García; Professor Siboney Pineda; historian Pedro Calzadilla and professor Omar Rangel.

Luis Reyes Lara received this recognition “For his work, love and passion towards culture and the arts”, according to the words expressed by Sandra Oblitas, during her speech at this academic event.

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