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Tarek William Saab: the day poetry transformed my vision of the world

The attorney general and poet reflected on his approach to poetry

On the occasion of National Poetry Day in Venezuela in commemoration of the birth of the poet, journalist, essayist and humorist, Aquiles Nazoa, the poet Tarek William Saab wrote some reflections on his awakening and approach to poetry.

Here is the full text:

I usually evoke while awake from a winter reverie, similar to a burst of sacred light: the day when poetry transformed my vision of the world and the way of recreating this modern existence: already threatened by very new wars with disappearing...

There was a nascent effervescence in the brotherhood of my generation that summer of 1977 to discover the impossible that was treasured in books of literature, poetry, rock, beautiful princesses, the endearing family sharing, Cuban trova, the mythology of Che and so on. a succession of unrepeatable dreams that inspired us “to take the sky by storm”…

At those premature 15 years of age, we were already pushed towards the paths of the mystery of looking at life as a commitment to redemption in all its forms and values: I read and reread at that time the works of authors who marked my contemplation of reality and its beyond: they were the novels of the Nobel Prize winner Herman Hesse, the prophecies of that universal Lebanese Khalil Gibran, the summit of Nietzsche's Zarathustra, the illuminations of the Tao and little by little all the sheets that in the Tixi Bookstore - on Bolívar Street in my beloved native Tigre- patiently managed for hours in the Literature and Philosophy section…. The owners of that scriptural treasure were condescending Basque exiles who allowed me to browse those shelves until I took home, for a modest price, the works that had the most impact on me.

That mixture of loving my parents, music, literature, poetry, following the hippie counterculture of the 60s and 70s, sharing daredevil block games with my childhood friends and at the same time becoming líder student of the PRV at the Liceo Briceño Méndez: they conspired with an early mysticism that inspired me to write my first poems at that early age...

So then, it seemed to have come out of nowhere in that summer of 1977, the sudden inspiration I had when looking - in the middle of my 4th year chemistry class - at a large window bathed in cold drizzle that humidified the air until that unrepeatable smell of wet land touched us so closely: it was like this in a notebook I wrote in bursts my first poem titled RAIN... I wanted to recreate that magical moment that has been successively repeated in my love of the landscape, of nature and the infinite enigma that life with Its skies and precipices summon...

Having been born in the Mesa de Guanipa, in the heart of the old town of El Tigre, in the warmth of the eternal love of my parents and my family in those distant founding years of my existence, has made me the good man that I am, every simpler and more human day, more balanced and simple as the stones of this strange path that the walker does not look at when crossing the edges of life and death beyond the skies of desolation.

Caracas May 17, 2024

Books published by Saab

  • The rivers of anger (Caracas, 1987).
  • The Ax of the Saints (Caracas, 1992).
  • prince of rain and mourning (Caracas, 1992).
  • Fatah (Mexico, 1994).
  • fallen angel Angel (Caracas, 1998).
  • Sky at half mast (Argentina, 2001. Venezuela, 2003. Cuba, 2003).
  • When the carts pass (Caracas, 2004).
  • Selected poems (Colombia, 2005)
  • children of misfortune (Cuba, 2006. China, 2007).
  • Memoirs of Gulan Rubani (Caracas, 2007).
  • a boreal landscape (Valencia, 2008. Caracas, 2009).
  • Bonfire of a timeless adolescence (Caracas, 2022)
  • Speeches at the foot of the chamber (Caracas, 2023)

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