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Ramón Aular exhibition in Valencia

Connecting continents will be exhibited at the Carabobo Museum of Culture

This Thursday, at 7:00 pm, an exhibition by Venezuelan artist Ramón Aular will be inaugurated at the Carabobo Museum of Culture, titled Connecting continents, a project that he has carried out for the last 10 years to link diverse cultures and communities. from a large canvas.

“In the hands of Aular, the main work of this project was born in 2014; a canvas in which the artist represents the organic beauty of the Cattleya mossiae orchid, a symbol of Venezuela's identity as it is our national flower,” explains curator Kelvin Arévalo.

“Ramón Aular celebrates painting and textiles in his works, the result of his plastic exercises. Starting from the expressiveness of the stain as an abstract medium, his compositions recreate organic scenes with allusions to the cartography of explored territories, to the space projected inside known towns and the chromatic possibilities that cultures and people possess in the colors of their identities and stories,” he points out in the curatorial text.

And he continues: “Color stops being a flat presence and becomes movement that interacts in the recreated fantasy of new maps, new territories and forms that dance in the conditions of light and shadows. The complexity resulting from textile embroidery provides layers of depth, texture and almost kinetic reliefs, parallel lines that unite the canvases with hundreds of beads and beads like garments that ornament the destiny of the project, the connection."

Ramón Aular was born in Valencia, Venezuela, in 1979. He studied at the Caracas Design Institute and the Cristóbal Rojas School of Visual Arts.

The exhibition will be presented for two months at the Carabobo Culture Museum, in Valencia. Subsequently, the exhibition will be transferred to the National Art Gallery in Caracas.

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