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Miracles of Mission Robinson are told in docudrama

It is a testimonial and fictional story about Nancy Arnal

The docudrama Cultivating Bolivarian Dreams – a story that tells the life testimony of Nancy Arnal about her learning difficulties and the light at the end of the tunnel that she was able to see starting in 2003 when the Robinson Mission began – is close to being completed, then two years of pre-production, filming and post-production. Its world premiere is scheduled for July 1, within the framework of the 21st anniversary of this social program to teach reading and writing to the illiterate Venezuelan population, the banner of the Bolivarian Revolution.

Ernesto Segovia, its director, explained that it is a testimonial and fictional work, in which some public institutions have been involved in the financial aspect, such as the National Telecommunications Commission of Venezuela (Conatel).

Winner of the Roque Dalton Prize, awarded during the 44th International Festival of New Latin American Cinema in Havana, Cuba, in December 2023, thanks to his documentary Más que amor, frenesí, Segovia is a founding member of the Popular School of Audiovisual Production of Catia . He explained that since March of this year they began recording outdoors and at this moment they are already immersed in the second stage of the process, which is the editing of all the material recorded between the community of El Petróleo and the Alí Gómez García theater of the La Vega parish.

Nancy's unique story became public and notorious when she told, during a live event with President Nicolás Maduro, how she was captivated and responded to the call of national leader Hugo Chávez, the day she was dedicated to cleaning her home. home and heard him say on television: “It is with you, María,” when launching the mission, which he later completed and passed by graduating.

She says that she did not receive schooling due to learning problems linked to certain conditions such as dyslexia, so she remained illiterate until her mother, at 15, took her to do an internship at the Pérez de León hospital and at 19 she formally entered. to work. In 2003, at 35 years of age, she began studying until she successfully completed her schooling.

The documentary features interviews, among others, with the intellectual Luis Britto García, and in the fictional aspect, the leading role is played by the actress Nereida Fronten.

The premiere will be in the El Petróleo community itself in gratitude for the support of its inhabitants, who actively accompanied the work.

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