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The Yekuana hydrangeas for María

A tribute to “The Lioness of Chávez”

Feminist, left-wing activist and always a fighter for noble causes. This is how María León, “Chávez's lioness”, has remained for 67 of the 87 years that she has carried.

Telling his story is standard, but in one hour and 20 minutes his exploits, experiences and anecdotes are sublimely summarized in the documentary. Hydrangeas for Inés, which Yekuana Martínez directed as a tribute.

“María León is a figure that summarizes an important part of the struggles of the women's movement in this country. She is a heroine of our times and at 87 years old she is still alive, coherent, fighting for her dreams, for the ideals that made her climb the mountain at 20 years old,” emphasizes Yekuana.

Yes, María León fought as a guerrilla under the name Inés (in honor of the French revolutionary Inessa Armand). Therefore, for Yekuana, her example and life story can inspire many generations. "Since I heard it the first time I thought that María León deserved a documentary, so that her career and her work continue to be known not only in Venezuela but in Latin America and the world."

In this sense, the director wants to convey an inspiring life story. “We owe many things to María: one of the things that I consider most important is having incorporated feminist thought into the Bolivarian process as part of the currents of emancipatory thought. And not just any feminism: a popular, anti-capitalist and socialist feminism.

In this documentary we will see her experiences as a guerrilla, as a communist leader, as a leader of the women's movement, as well as her relationship with Commander Hugo Chávez, which was very deep and allowed very important actions to be carried out in Venezuela in favor of "women's rights."

The documentary explains that hydrangeas (María León's favorites) are flowers that are not alone: ​​"they bloom collectively like women and the Venezuelan people."

Reaping prizes

  • Hortensias for Inés is a biopic; a documentary story narrated by María León herself. Throughout the audiovisual she is seen in assemblies with the women's movement, always surrounded by people.
  • The documentary won the award for Best Documentary Feature at the Valencia Film Festival and Best Documentary Feature at the Caracas Ibero-American Festival. It was selected and screened at the Maracaibo and San Agustín Film Festivals.
  • They spent more than five years recording María León, who was shown to be a sensitive, loving and very human woman.
  • The documentary is projected in commercial cinemas, in principle, until June 6.

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