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The Cinemateca premieres From Carimbo to freedom

Script, production and research by Jesús Chucho García

Directed by Joba Morris López and with a script, research and production by the Afro-Venezuelan scholar Jesús Chucho García, this Thursday, June 13, the documentary Del Carimbo a la Libertad will premiere.

The film touches on the subject of the slavery process in Venezuela, altered by the rebellions of slave groups during the colonial period, which gave rise to the marronage, a rebellious and libertarian movement of blacks that was a precursor to our emancipatory feat.

Slavery, as an economic and social phenomenon, generated a perverse cycle of exploitation during the colonial period and part of our republican history, which also sought to erase vestiges of the cultural and religious ancestry of the population of African origin.

The premiere will be in the National Cinematheque of the Museum of Fine Arts, at 3:00 in the afternoon, with free access. mon

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