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Filven opened its doors in La Asunción

In the Luisa Cáceres de Arismendi park the island public can enjoy a wide variety of literary and cultural activities

The Luisa Cáceres de Arismendi park in La Asunción, capital of Nueva Esparta, serves as the setting for the nineteenth (19) edition of the International Book Fair of Venezuela (Filven), with the presentation of national and international literary works, workshops, conference and cultural activities.

With joy, the neo-Spartan capital welcomes booksellers, writers, poets and cultists who meet again at this fair organized every year by the Bolivarian Government, as stated by the mayor of the Arismendi municipality, Alí ​​Romero Farías.

“It is no coincidence that this nineteenth edition of Filven is being celebrated here in the land of maestro Prieto Figueroa. Truly, we are very happy, happy, celebrating together with the people, all united in this beautiful activity in honor of the book, literature, culture, art,” said Romero.

support for culture

For his part, Samir Al Attrach, authority of the Special Economic Zone of Nueva Esparta, who was present at the activity, highlighted the importance of supporting culture as a fundamental element for the development of people.

“We are happy, content, sharing with all the cultivators who live in this wonderful municipality together with its mayor and with all those who promote culture in the Nueva Esparta state, there are more than 22 thousand that we have identified and who in the name of the President Nicolás Maduro, we give him all the support so that they continue to develop,” said Al Attrach.  

Tribute to Vadell Hermanos Editores

This edition also pays tribute to the Vadell Hermanos Editores publishing house for half a century of publications.

In that sense, Valentina Vadell, representative of said publishing house, expressed her pleasure at receiving this recognition offered by Filven and invited the people to enjoy this cultural festival.

“Filven arrived in Nueva Esparta, which is the festival of the word, the festival of the book, the festival of all the arts. We are more than grateful, our publishing house Vadell Hermanos editors honored for their 50 years, half a century publishing titles that contribute to the critical thinking and political debate in Venezuela and also training young people in legal matters, so we are very grateful for this tribute, we invite you to come to La Asunción to participate in this literary festival,” said Valentina Vadell.

The public is invited to participate in the different workshops, conferences, book presentations, children's pavilion and many other activities that they can learn about through the Instagram account of the Ministry of Culture in the island entity, @culturanuevaesparta.

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